Pace Maier has been covering sports since 2012.

Writing has always been a strength of his but started to take form during his freshman year at college.

He joined the student-run newspaper a few months after being on campus and changed his major to Journalism in the Spring of 2012.

Throughout his college career, he spent time as a co-copy editor and co-news editor while writing for the sports section on the side.

The summer before his senior year, he interned for Bison Illustrated.

He was offered the sports editor position at the beginning of his senior year and thought his life couldn’t get any better.

After cover Bison athletics from head to toe and back again, he wanted to take that extra step with the sports section and created a sports blog.

As his career at The Spectrum was winding down he was given the rare opportunity to cover Carson Wentz’s pro day for

After covering the Summit League Championships in March, it was time to start thinking about life after college.

As the North Dakota State softball/baseball seasons unfolded, his after college plans took a brief halt but fired back up closer to the end of the semester.

He started to panic as the month of May crept up on the calendar and as the graduation ceremony neared. He decided he was going to pursue a master’s degree in athletic administration because more schooling seemed like the right thing to do.

The summer of 2016 he spent working for his grandfather’s milk trucking company. He didn’t know a thing about trucks or changing brakes but it was a good experience. An experience he will get to show his kids one day.

The only problem was that he wasn’t writing.

After the summer ended, he starting graduate school and spent most of his time as a graduate assistant for the sports information director at the University of Mary.

He started writing a little more but he wasn’t doing any reporter and wasn’t getting to write any columns.

It had probably been six months or longer that he wrote something that he really cared about.

He stuck it out for one semester at the university and made a life changing choice near the end of December and accepted a position that landed him back into the journalism world.

Halfway through January he was hired as the sports editor of the Hillsboro Banner, where he has spent the last few months covering all of Hillsboro-Central Valley’s winter teams.

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